Jasper's best friend Dave Pope is cycling, over 21 days, from Lands End to John O Groats to raise money for the Jasper King Trust.  

The JKT are hoping to raise some physical as well as virtual support for him with our WAVEatDAVe campaign, if you see him... please wave!


There is a map of Dave's route below, please check and see where he's passing through; we can update you on times if you want to show him your support! Placards, water, hollering, encouragement, you know what to do. You could also change your Facebook profile picture to a temporary pic of you waving at Dave?

We're also hoping for radio play, local and national, and anything else that gets folks waving at Dave so any help to publicise this would be brilliant. 

Dave's paying for the 'holiday' himself with Brake the Cycle, all proceeds raised will go directly to the Trust to fund more holidays. 




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